Thing 21/2017: Taking the Lead

This topic is worth coming back to though I don’t believe I’ve necessarily done the Cool Tools “thing”, instead, I’ve attended webinars and completed classes on the topic in order to continually improve and reflect on my practice. Though it’s specific to developing an action plan for the library, tweaking our vision, and being #futureready and how to share it with others.

I enjoyed reading through several of the articles that solidified that we’re on the right track, but also provided nuggets for improvement. Specifically in Sarah Kelly Johns’ thirty-minute webinar, there was an image of Jill Hurst-Wahl’s that talking about incorporating technology and that the outcomes are NOT that they use a Prezi, but rather use the tool of a Prezi to be able to do something like: 1) raise awareness, 2) start conversations, 3) find answers, 4) take action, 5) drive change, 6) change minds, or 7) join parnters. Beside the basic message that reiterates that technology is a tool, not the outcome, it resonated with work that our library is starting to engage in with the public libraries in our area around teen voice, as in how to cultivate it, how to provide them with one on topics that are important to them, and more. So to address what SKJ leaves listeners with in the webinar was two things we’re proud of in our library, two things that have an impact on student learning, and two things that are important to your program and I want to highlight the importance of student voice.

We create programs and activities based on student input. When a student asked if we can get origami paper and another asked about materials for friendship bracelets, we obliged. Last year when we couldn’t put out new puzzles fast enough, we capitalized on making the library what they wanted it to be. And then we shared it with others through our newsletter and on our social media. Nothing gives us greater joy than when others re-tweet or share things that we’re doing when it comes to the students.

The next step is to also share it out as widely as possible and that’s what we’re going to do. Join us in April as my colleague and I share the programming we do at our high school library at Capital Region BOCES!


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