Thing 12/2017: Final Reflection

Another Cool Tools has come to a close and our reflection is no small piece to completing the puzzle each year because it allows me to reflect back on what I accomplished through the tools I did explore, what I chose not to explore, and what I look forward to returning to.

And returning is key and why Cool Tools is an invaluable curated resource for all resources for librarians and educators. It’s forward-thinking but also allows the most novice of learners to the ability to start at zero, if necessary. For me, I went backward for several of the things this year and dived deeper into Twitter with some tries and fails. I realize I’m not a big fan of Twitter chats, mostly because I’m in bed before many of them happen to ensure the most amount of participants can participate, but also for ones where the questions are not available ahead of time, that I’m focused on responding rather than enjoying the sharing that is taking place. I also went back to blogging too (the very essence of the Cool Tools experience) because I’m doing more with my own blogging and blogging for others including joining the #edublogsclub community. Which if you haven’t already joined the challenge, do it! Each week you get a prompt to respond to and they’re fun, informative, and also collaborative as you have a whole community reading yours and you reading theirs.

Then oppositely, I looked ahead. I “scanned the horizon”, learned about global connectivity, news literacy (selfishly I was also doing a presentation and wanted to gather as many resources and articles as possible!), and media skills which came in handy literally days after I practiced it with this course.

To be able to visit over and over again and know that the resources are updated and run the gamut of articles to videos provides extensive reach for each topic. It’s always worth the time and effort to put into creating something or reflecting on other things. As always…

Thank you, Polly!

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One thought on “Thing 12/2017: Final Reflection

  1. omg- I have my own gif now. 🙂 You’re too funny. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful reflections on the workshop. Your posts always help me better understand how these tools can be used in education. Having never worked in a school, it’s often a challenge to me to put things in proper context.

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