Thing 16/2017: Media Skills

After seeing Polly in person to do a social media class on gifs and graphics (which I had never made a gif before so see it here), I still generally find myself annoyed with them. Specifically on Goodreads, where I spend my time documenting my reading. Others, use their comment box to create long narratives about their reactions to the book and incorporate gifs ad nauseum rather than use their words.

But I know they’re popular and it would be a disservice not to incorporate them strategically every now and then. So, I used Make A Gif after seeing the example to be able to test them on our school library’s social media account. I started with this practice one of my sons’ artwork, trying to make it aesthetically pleasing and not necessarily “time lapse”.  Then I realized if I created an account, I can create a caption, so I created this one as a retrospective of some of our weekly nonfiction facts (see creation here) for our school library. A few things I learned while creating this second one. First, I was frustrated that there was no way to edit/crop the photos as it seemed like they were cropping some and not others and you couldn’t read them all. I didn’t want to spend too much time figuring out the “custom” crop, so I allowed it “biggest crop” and that fixed the cropping that originally happened when I uploaded the images. And the other important factor is being able to control the speed using the slider underneath the images. I actually still wish it would allow an even slower speed especially because my gif has some text, but alas, it didn’t go any slower than the speed I selected.

Once is saved, I was able to link it but you can also download it but all of the biggest social media tools are listed to the right to share it, so I was able to share it via Twitter using the social media button. I like the ease of sharing using the buttons and for our social media, which are the basics, it fits our needs.

Overall, I liked using the Make a Gif site because it was easy to upload, edit, and create and there is a personal and business option, where it seems the personal membership will accomplish your basic needs. Will I do it all the time? Probably not, but will I do it sometimes? Yes, because it’s that easy!


One thought on “Thing 16/2017: Media Skills

  1. I have to confess that I’m not a huge fan of gifs either. Drive me crazy when I come across blog posts with tons of them embedded. My brain gets totally distracted and can’t read the text. My 30-something stepdaughter threatened to disown me for that opinion! 🙂 Anyways, they have their place and can be fun. And now we both know how to make them!

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