Thing 3/2016: Twitter Part II

I revisited Twitter in my first post for the 2016-17 school year and wanted to do a second exploration both recommended by Polly but also my colleague and the article on Free Twitter Tools from the Cool Tools site.

I downloaded Hootsuite to my phone and began to play around with it’s features. I revisited the app several times over and first found it not to be intuitive. For the amount I use Twitter, my settings on Twitter and my phone essentially do what I need it to do because Hootsuite is another app that I need to visit in the hopes of organizing the information better.I want to limit my interaction with multiple apps, so I decided to delete this app after about a month. Instead, I use a banner notification on my phone when I’m mentioned in a tweet and Twitter sends me an email to my phone if I miss the banner notification. For the rare times I am mentioned, this works for me.

Now, for the library Twitter account, my colleague had set up IFTTT and I appreciate this app, though again, because you can have multiple accounts on the Twitter app (just like Instagram and Facebook to toggle back and forth with), I get these notifications as well as banner notifications that when I’m ready to use my phone, I can see. Though for the library Twitter account this add-on is useful, especially when we were hit with two questionable mentions from non-followers and we immediately took action. This has as much to do with the fact that both of us are monitoring it as having the notification send it directly in an email. This may be “old school”, but I’d rather have this. Plus, Twitter stacks tweets and if you’re a serial tweeter, then your tweets are lost chronologically, so when I’m mentioned or am connecting with an author or friend, I like having the email to revisit if it’s congratulatory or kind. Plus, IFTTT does not need to be logged in to and/or monitored, you set it and go.

This is also why I like Buffer which we use for the library because we have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook connected. The one drawback is that Instagram obviously needs visual content and sometimes it just doesn’t work with what we need to share, but when we’re coming up on an event, I like scheduling the content and forgetting about it. The only limitation I found was that in the spring of last year, I was doing a question a day countdown and found that it does limit the amount you can schedule to under ten.

Ultimately, when I’m engaged with Twitter which may be several times a day for several days and then a drought of several after that, I am content with the tools I use personally and the two (IFTTT and Buffer) we use as a school library, especially for a busy librarian!


2 thoughts on “Thing 3/2016: Twitter Part II

  1. Glad you found IFTTT and Buffer to be useful. Those are the two tools I use most for twitter interactions. One handy IFTTT applet that I love is having any tweet I “heart/like” automatically sent to Evernote. Then I can go back through the resources on Evernote when I get time. (Of course I have 100s that I haven’t had time to sort through…. ah well!)

    1. Alicia Abdul says:

      Oh, this is another useful thing to know! I’m still hanging on to Evernote, even after the update that reduced the number of devices you can use it on. Plus the recent update left it a bit more visually appealing. I’ll have to create that command to make it easy to go back to!

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