Thing 11/2016: DIY with Canva

After attending the 1/2 day PD session with Polly for public librarians on creating gifs and social media for libraries, I was excited to begin using Canva.While there is a learning curve to creating the different fliers, social media posts, and invitations, I am getting the hang of it and it is taking less time than the first one initially did. Plus, because I’m creating them for our library’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, I’m also digging the share feature to share with my colleague.

To know that everything is layered and the top tool bar really is what moves and shapes images is what I need to understand more of, just like all of the kinds of advertisements it can create. I might even get up the courage to buy a Facebook ad if they’re looking as lovely as they can using Canva.

Check out the two that I’ve already created viewing our library’s Instagram account @AlbanyHighLibrary. One was for our author visit and the other is in promotion of our READ day this coming Friday.

Between the crispness of the fonts, images, and details, we have also began to use it to share out a quick image of a book we want to highlight to teachers featuring the book cover and a short promotion of why it could be useful in the colors of our school. When we talk about a professional image, one of the things we’re working toward is creating an image much in the way that Albany Public Library has their neon green and their owl. Regardless of season or platform, you recognize it’s APL because of these details. It may be a book recommendation or a program advertisement.

So the next question is, what should our logo be? What should our colors be? Does everyone’s color scheme align with their building/district or did they create one all their own because they wanted the library to be just a bit different than the building/school?


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