Thing 3/2016: Twitter

I wanted to revisit Twitter as I have grown exponentially comfortable with this technology both personally/professional as well as forming a presence for our high school library as well (the ability to toggle between two accounts has been amazing, though sometimes with a few hiccups when you forgot what entity you are! Luckily these worlds frequently collide so it’s never shocking in any capacity.

I wanted to address a few of the points in the first video “Social Media Revolution #socialnomics” and I’m wondering out loud– some say that Facebook died a little with the advent of so many adults and older adults joining that teens and twenty-somethings left en masse to use Twitter and Snapchat and with the video stating that Twitter is now being overtaken by older adults, will the same happen again? Is what is cool/used/acceptable where the younger crowd is?

I digress, but I did about a month ago participate in my first Twitter chat. I had creeped for a while, following the tweets afterward but finally was up and ready to participate in a topic I felt confident about. Two things: With bringing more people together, sometimes it is difficult for everyone to participate- I am an early to bed/early to rise person so when Twitter chats are taking place at 9pm and 10pm, I’m not able to participate in real time, but obviously following hashtags is so helpful. And while this Twitter chat about YA books was in my wheelhouse, I would have preferred more than the topic ahead of time (but as my colleague shared) the questions as well to better form my participating tweets and allow myself to relax a bit. The constant refreshing and hyper-awareness drained me! I wonder what other professionals’ experiences have been running and/or participating in a Twitter chat. My questions are: are you relaxed and feel fully engaged in the chat? Does that only come with constant participation in them to feel at ease? Is is a short burst of adrenaline? Do you take notes? With so many titles coming back at me, I actually wrote them down– counter intuitive to the digital world, but I rarely go back and revisit my tweets and prefer to keep my running record in my notebook. Is this an odd practice? I think not, especially when I read this Life Hack article that writing something down is equivalent to reading it seven times.

So yes, I love the Twittersphere for when I find an article and want to share or someone shares an article that I enjoy, but when it’s something really important. I still need to write it down myself to revisit.




3 thoughts on “Thing 3/2016: Twitter

  1. I find twitter chats to be adrenaline beasts too. I imagine other folks are more relaxed. Do you use something like tweetdeck or (there’s tons more tools) to follow the chats? It helps. It’s also easy to just click on the heart/like button on a tweet. Then it will show up in your list of ‘likes’ on your profile page. You can cull what you need from there then.

    1. Alicia Abdul says:

      Maybe I’ll explore it for a second post related to Twitter. I use Buffer App for the library side of our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) but only to stack posts for pushing information out, but haven’t used any tools to receive them. That’s the best part about Cool Tools is the constant ability to go deeper, thanks, Polly!

      1. That’s a great idea to do a 2nd post on twitter (and yes, that counts as another “thing”!) That’s what I love about CoolTools too – people going off in the direction they need to go in and learning what they need to learn! 🙂

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