Thing 40: Reflection

Addressing a few of the points that were brought up in the prompt to finish out this awesome course (at least the fourth time over?!) is where we’re heading.

  • I’m excited to begin the Common Sense Media digital citizenship certificate course with my colleague to explore and use the learning from there to teach and empower our teachers but also to find new, fun, innovative, and realistic lessons to demonstrate digital citizenship and tattooing to the high school students who need this more than ever.
    • Our TA is finishing up the Edutopia inspired bulletin board about the 9 P’s of digital citizenry, so I’ll post a picture when she’s finished. This may even become a permanent display because of its importance but also to point to whenever we’re doing lessons. (Plus it’ll remind the adults that they should always be reflecting on them themselves.
  • I’ve learned that it’s always nice to go back. As I mentioned in the photo fun post and another that so many tools are churned out (or replace once free ones that force educators to continue to learn new ones because free is always better). So what you think you know about a topic becomes obsolete and how are we to be on the cutting edge? There will always be something new to explore on an “old” topic. Tried and true doesn’t exist in the digital world as much as we’d like to think.
  • This coursework is empowering me to take a more active role in instruction with our teachers. Librarians have a specific lens, which is different than our awesome instructional technologist. I want to take more advantage of this and it takes adventurous teachers and a leap of faith from me.
  • I would absolutely continue this course for the exact bullet points, this is the best kind of recycling and refresher for those that have repeated and a great introduction for those that need it whether it be because they’re entering the field or getting over their fears. The self-paced activities are a double-edged sword for many, but for me, it’s a Goldilocks just right. I stop and start but always have this in the back of my head and apply as needed to lessons I’m doing in school as I’m learning myself. Showing and telling the students that I’m learning along with them is the best kind of modeling.

Thank you, thank you, Polly for always engaging us librarians in this work. Being able to wing a DIY, go back to a “thing 1”, reflect, and check in on colleagues is invaluable. You are tireless and awesome in person and online!


One thought on “Thing 40: Reflection

  1. Love how you explained the value of going back and repeating topics. I’m going to use that in the intro material next year! (Yes, there will be another year!) Thank you for all the hard work you put in again, I learned a lot from your posts. And thanks for you very kind words. Blush. 🙂

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