Thing 37: DIY (TED Talks)

A new trend that I’ve come to love is attending professional development or giving professional development and incorporating a TED talk. Why? Because someone has already had an idea and wants to share it with a global community and says it better than me. So I wanted to investigate TED talks, which came from the list of the Top 100 Tools for Learning. I was intrigued but not surprised that it showed up on the list.

I didn’t go in with a focus, I wanted to explore the TED site and I bounced around from the TED Blog (which I now subscribe to), to TED books and the videos they were inspired by and/or are companions to, and even the history of it. Did you know that it started in 1984? I didn’t either!

What did I get inspired to do? Well sometimes my best ideas are too close for comfort in organizing and this one is no different. So, next week we’re celebrating National Library Week, well I’m going to do TED talk on Tuesdays. There is a list of ten TED talks that inspire conversation and discussion (one about knowing if someone is lying, etc.) that I’m going to invite the students to come in and watch and discuss. Also in their history information, they talk about the uniqueness of TED talks which generally run no more than about 18 minutes, with the purpose that the original TED talk was about the convergence of technology, entertainment, and design. Yes! Very cool.

I like that you can download the app, view it online, then obviously be fed through the blog and books now too. It’s an amazingly educational experience and I’m glad to have explored. You can share and embed, there’s a transcript, download for better access, or save later. With the wealth of information, why not use TED to vet some great content, but also use it as a teaching tool for presentations and practicing!


3 thoughts on “Thing 37: DIY (TED Talks)

  1. Serena says:

    I love TED Talks! Although, I must admit, I have never experienced a full TED video talk or gone to their website or blog. I get all my TED Talks through their podcast (search for TED Radio Hour on your preferred source for podcasts)-if you haven’t checked that out you totally should! It completely makes my hour long commute so much more enjoyable when I listen to one of their talks (I also enjoy the entire collection of How Stuff Works podcasts, like Stuff You Should Know and Stuff You Missed in History Class. Also good if you’re a word/language nerd is the podcast A Way with Words).

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