Thing 2: Photo Fun via Tech Retreat

Being able to spend some time exploring the different creative commons sites for finding stock images like MorgueFile is awesome. Then add to it, tools like Stencil and Spruce have created an easy way to add text on top of images and share out in a fun, easy, and functional way.

  • Here was my Stencil that I then pinned to my quotes board
  • Here is my Spruce that I shared via Twitter

To be able to add quotes that pop like Adobe Slate with the Neil Gaiman quote and embed, just adds an extra layer of visibility in sharing it.

Then, when I was bored one day a few weeks ago, I played with Tagxedo after seeing a pin of a Tagxedo of Freida Kahlo and how you can create the image from an uploaded photo. The problem is the kind of backdrop that’s in the photo you’re uploading and also the type of text you’ll need to have. I spent some time trying to find writing that represents me to add the words in. Here was the finished product as a side by side comparison. I’m sure with a better image, it would have come out better. ImageTagxedo The options that are available are growing and trying to keep up is difficult. There’s always something new to discover, especially when something that you previously used because less sexy after seeing something else. Perfect example: I used PicMonkey quite a bit for multiple images on my blog, but stopped using it because it was splicing and dicing where I didn’t want it to. It’s always nice to know there are more, better, different options.


2 thoughts on “Thing 2: Photo Fun via Tech Retreat

  1. Serena says:

    Okay, I had no idea you could use your own image to create a word cloud in Tagxedo!!! My students would love this and I can definitely see how this could be incorporated in a variety of lessons-choosing a picture that accurately represents their topic and deciding on words for their cloud that also represent the subject are a fun and creative way for them to showcase their knowledge and understanding of a topic. Off to give it a try myself-thanks for sharing!

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