Thing 32: Evidence Based Practice Part III

I am so happy to report that this went well and gave me a good template (so punny, I know) for how to move forward with EBP. To have student feedback collected throughout the project with their worksheets after providing models and instruction and then seeing their reflections at the end truly has helped understand how to move forward in implementing new ideas or procedures.

Here is the EBP template filled out for this project. While some elements of the project were here, there was also direct instruction, and then the reflections which I tallied based on comments grouped by their similarity. To have this evidence to provide at staff meetings to move the goal of researching in a way more closely aligned with the IFC and having students provide reflection and reply throughout the process was something I see all of our interns using since they’re being instructed this way, but not something that comes naturally to me. I was humbled by this experience because is is work, especially when I’m not in front of that class every day like the teacher, but to know there was an effect that I can prove is a fantastically professional step forward.

The goal is that by next year, I will select one teacher from each grade level to pilot this and continue to solicit feedback to fine tune the project as it relates to how it’s conducted through inquiry. Student feedback speaks volumes and I will incorporate more of Buffy Hamilton’s posts of using post-its because they’re such a quick and easy way to get answers, just as much as one-on-one conferencing with students.

Seeing how much more deeply their presentations went because they spent more time on the process of research was positive for the teacher, but their own responses (however much they wanted to hate it and it was time consuming) responded that they’re better for it. I’m a better professional for it as well.


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