Thing 32: Evidence Based Practice Part II

I could not have found a more perfect time to have discovered Hay’s PDF version of her presentation to the Australian librarians– though it is not lost on my that the presentation was a whole day (and I’m trying to digest it in a few hours alone at home on my computer), plus “morning tea” please sign me up for this break on a daily basis and for all presentations in the future!

Anyway, so to why this is exciting. This past Friday I had a collaborative meeting with an English teacher looking to alter her AP historical speech project because there was too much plagiarism and not enough analysis of a historical speech while synthesizing it’s importance and impact at the time and in history along with investigating the rhetorical devices and creating a lesson to present to the class on that speech. She noted that most students who plagiarized the paper had weak presentations that struggled to make it the entire period. She wanted to re-imagine how it looked while also maintaining the tenets of analysis and synthesis of the speech. We talked about a reflective element to the research process (and much more) but the examples and reflection tasks that Hay talks about is exactly how I imagined the unit would look and I do find that all of our upper-level students have a hard time thinking about their thinking in terms of research. So my EBP will be using this class over the next month and a half and incorporating evidence collection of their confidence and abilities from start to finish. I am so pumped about this not only because the tools are embedded in the Hay presentation but also in the template and “Methods to Assess in the LMC” that I’ve saved as well and will use.

And the easiest and most digestible takeaway (that I can’t remember what article it was in!) that I wrote down “FOR = foundational information; IN = process transformational; OF = outcomes formational”, which will simplistically guide me in understanding how to move me through the three phases of evidence practices.

…and I joined the EBP Facebook page. We’ll see what cool stuff pops up in there and what I can either ask or share to help me in this process. Can’t wait to share the timeline for the unit, the collection tools, and the final outcome for these 11th graders.


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