Thing 30: Reflection

What did you learn?

I have absolutely taken it to another level for this third round, I think. In looking back at all of the ones that I’ve embedded into my practices, they include Infographics (which are still intimidating as hell and time-consuming but with beautiful outcomes). I actually created one for a career roadmap that I needed to share as part of an online course I recently took. Second, Padlet, which I’ve used for several professional development sessions and one exit ticket for a class already using computers. And last, the the “Taking the Lead” thing was so informative and I’ve actually used the presentation ninja and the marketing genius of Lady Gaga presentations to better think about how I’m presenting myself. I went on to Gwyneth’s suggestion of ColourLovers and created my own scheme of favorite colors that I’ve pinned and will use on future presentation to anchor and focus myself and message. This I have loved! Each of these I mentioned have made me more thoughtful. 

What’s next?

Alongside this course, I took a career course through Library Journal and some conversations resonated with Cool Tools and vice versa. I can see sharing out some of the topics in professional development by ‘leading by example’ rather than just talking about. A demonstration for me is always more useful and then the actual testing of it absolutely solidifies it. Case in point, my testing of another presentation tool ( to use for summer reading booktalks. This will be done over the next few weeks! So what’s next is a lot of planning using the right presentation skills and new technology.

Did you like learning this way? 

I absolutely love learning this way as evidenced that this is my third time through and some other courses that I’ve taken recently and will continue to seek out. There’s something calming but educating about a self-paced online course that provides a multitude of opportunities that are about exploring and testing. It’s empowering and uplifting that “I did it!”

So, thank you Polly for always gathering, collecting, and sharing out through the Facebook page, emails, WordPress, and more to continue to make us better educators.


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