Thing 29: Student Response Tools

I chose to explore Padlet and compare it to PrimaryWall and while I was excited at first about PrimaryWall’s pop-up that allowed you to put in the title, note, and then your name as well as how it was shown on the wall, I was quickly annoyed and finally gave up on creating my own account. I tried unsuccessfully three times at different times of the day. I would get the email to confirm my email and then follow the link to the password and there were errors on the page, dead-link image icons, and it never got me to my own PrimaryWall. It shouldn’t have been that hard!

So back to Padlet, which I’ve used successfully in professional development for teachers. We began and ended our session over the course of a few months with Padlet and like how easy it is to design, create, and share one as well as getting people on and creating notes on the wall. Since using it and going back in to play with it some more, I realized the feature existed to organize the notes! That was my one annoyance was the willy-nilly way that people could add notes, but seeing that there’s the option of the free form, grid, or stream that allows for visual organization, and that makes me happy.

I’ll share last how we’ve incorporated Google Forms in to the library and that is to organize registration for events that we hold in the library. In order to help streamline processes and take attendance during the event rather than trying to decipher handwriting while getting all the information up front, we’re asking students to register for the events. Then the list can be printed out and students who are in attendance are accounted for. This has made things so much easier!


One thought on “Thing 29: Student Response Tools

  1. Too funny, I also used Padlet- Love it! I never thought of using Google docs for taking attendance – I’ll have to pass this on to my teacher/librarians friends 🙂

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