Thing 27: DIY

I probably spent twenty minutes taking in the immensity of information on the LibGuides. That is a goldmine of resources and information! So I clicked, scrolled, scanned, and rolled my eyes at the topics thinking for some “been there, over that” and some were that “I could use some more tools in that kit”, but what I’m going to focus on is transforming– using the resources on the Presentation Reform and Sharing guide and the Video Tools for one specific purpose that will take over a month to complete. Finding the perfect tool to create videos for each grade’s summer reading. In the past, I’ve gone to classrooms, doing a showcase of the recommended titles. Then, they wanted all classes to get the same access, so we grouped grades/classes and they all came down to the library for a Prezi presentation that included the titles, access, and more. That worked well, but with timing and my voice to consider, I offered to do what I did for the 8th graders (soon to be 9th graders), knowing that I couldn’t get to all three middle schools to talk their books up. I settled on a hybrid and published it on Youtube 

for the teachers to play in the classrooms. I admit it’s not the best, so if I’m doing multiple videos for different grade levels, I want them all to be visually stimulating, upbeat, and informative.

Knowing that I’m the first to admit to presentation fatigue with PPT (but using that, Slides, or Prezi) as my standard go-tos, I need to get proficient at a few others. Can’t wait to show the work I’ll do on this. I watch a lot on Vimeo and created a PowToon account last year, so I’m eager to really figure these out as opportunities, but also learn techniques, as I’ve already seen on the Libbguide to the Presentation Reform, to spice up but keep presentations simple and effective.


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