Thing 26: Taking the Lead

Let’s cut to the chase and say that of the articles, videos, and the webinar, I was blow away and completely empowered by The Daring Librarian, Gwyneth Jones’, “10 Ways Librarians Can Be a Marketing Genius like Lady Gaga”. Between some of Gaga’s quotes incorporated to prove her points, her use of other greats like Seth Godin (here are two of his posts that I have printed and keep on my desk because they speak to me– Post 1: All the Slow Hedgehogs are Dead, Post 2: Sure, But That’s Not a Plan), who I follow, and realistic examples made it my new advocacy tool. I’m taking each of those points and figuring out how I’m already doing them or how I need to do them.

The advocacy and outreach I do aligns with one of the points from the blog Trust Me, I’m a Librarian about networking like crazy. As with the webinar, I never turn down any reasonable request to produce, connect, work, or collaborate with anyone from larger community events like NEA’s The Big Read and our region’s TeenReaderCon to local colleges, and new classes. These opportunities always lead to an increase in opportunities for our students and THAT is always the focus.


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