Thing 25: Powering Up the Browser

I tried a bit of everything, but of course the first thing I did was check out some themes. I changed mine to a Northern Lights theme and while I like it when I’m hitting a new tab open, I’m not sure I’m digging the transparency of my tabs and bookmarks. I’m going to give this a few weeks to really have it to decide whether or not to keep it.

My favorite part of this exercise was actually (thinking) I know the difference in vocabulary terms between bookmarklets, extensions, and apps. Some I’ve used for a while, while others I’m just beginning to use and LOVING it. The discovery that’s changing my life the most is Readability– from it’s cool icon as a maroon couch that instantly relaxes to its actual application of cleaning up text from a webpage to make it the focus, I’m absolutely over-the-moon about it. I just Googled a few things and then used it and voila! Instant focus because the distracting ads go away. I can see this being valuable for quick searching as well as the blogs and sites that host many of the recipes and links I use from Pinterest.

Speaking of Pinterest, one of the bookmarklets that I have used for a while is the Pinterest one. I find images or stories that related to my curated boards and find it most easy to post to Pinterest to remember for later or share with those that follow me there. I use this most frequently in articles from YALSA’s The Hub listserv.

An extension that I’ve used for a while was installed after we got Chromecast for our home. We were having some streaming issues with Netflix, among other uses and decided to get Cast. When I want to share something big screen from my computer screen to the TV (including a quick YouTube video or some pictures), I use the Cast extension to throw it up there.

An app that I’ve used since our retreat at Rensselaerville has been Pocket. I love this useful site with its app that gives users the ability to save articles for later. I find that I’ve used this dozens of times whereas I never used the Evernote WebClipper, though I use Evernote for quick notes and list-making. I actually found out how to “cheat the system” a bit and realized this is an app I could use on Chrome at school as well, which was VERY useful.

And last, one that I might be able to use more frequently because of its ease is the Awesome Screenshots extension rather than the “print screen” whereby I would paste it into Word, then crop, then save as a JPEG. This seems so much easier, especially with it’s in-page blur feature, shapes feature to draw attention to certain places and how to share/save it afterward. I did an example here. GoodreadsScreenShotTest


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