Thing 23: Makerspaces

What an appropriate topic considering my colleague and I have had some discussions about how to move this forward in our high school library. We actually already created a board of makerspace ideas. And I was even more excited about what we’d pinned after watching the Makerspace Boot Camp video by Colleen Graves. Namely because it gave me permission to feel like makerspaces don’t need to be expensively maintainable machines with computers and programming involved, that sometimes they can simply be cupcake top decorating or bookmark making. I love the blog by Debbie Collins because again, it’s starting off small and to evaluate what the students want rather than what the librarian thinks the students want.

We’ll be having a few meetings this coming week about a program guide for what we’d like to see for the rest of the year and it WILL contain makerspace programs. It will probably even be incorporated into our annual Free Comic Book Day Celebration (though we celebrate the Monday after the national celebration on the first Saturday in May). I saw a pin for banana sushi.

I’ll be excited to share the details of our planning preparations and implementation when it all goes down in the library. We’re just beginning this journey that others have already been on the road for a while and can’t wait to learn more from them and step on the path ourselves.

Love the resources shared!


2 thoughts on “Thing 23: Makerspaces

  1. I love the ideas that are pinned! Showing items that are easily made and affordable are always attractive to schools that are trying to incorporate a little more without breaking the bank.

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