Things 22: Resource Guide

I wanted to take the opportunity for Thing 22 to go back to something I had slacked in following through with when it was originally created. About a year ago, I created a tumblr page for the high school library but haven’t maintained in like I should– knowing that tumblr is where students are accessing information. Especially when a few students hadn’t heard of a program I was having and I asked– where do we need to be to find you and tell you? Their response was tumblr. And I think I’ve created a framework for what should be on there– an interaction of all media and information. I posted a video for a song that whenever I hear it, it reminds me of a YA series. I posted pictures of events happening and favorite quotes from books.

I’ve downloaded the app on my phone for easier access when taking pictures and posting things happening in the library, but it’s nice to also know it’s not blocked at our school so I can post myself via PC and the students can see it in real-time. And of course, this is just another tool in the PR toolkit since the old standbys like announcements and posters around school will still happen, but knowing their trolling their feeds, will hopefully increase visibility.

The next step will be advertising the feed so that we can get followers and subscribers.


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