Thing 20: Websites, Pathfinders, and More

I’ve been wanting to try Smore and heard about it at PDs in the fall and then now with some more examples (pun intended), I created my own for our Skype author visit next month. Check it out! After looking at Questar III’s newsletter, I thought the streamlined look and the fact that it was a page to go to (for quick linking with a QR code or since everyone’s already on their phone) rather than wasting paper would be awesome. I’m definitely going to be using more of Smore because it’s EASY, modern, and useful.

I also took the opportunity to update my online portfolio site via Google Sites that I started last year. I update it periodically because I see it when I’m using my Gmail account and when something happens in my career, it’s nice to add it there. Here’s the updated site that I will continue to work on! I like the idea of keeping things organized on a site like this (changed my permissions so only those with the link will view it). I don’t feel it necessary to put it out for public view yet if at all. I try to protect myself when I can though I have quite a few friends in the teaching profession who refuse to be on any kind of social media (or minimize their trail online) because they interact with students and parents. But something like my online portfolio is more being able to showcase my skill rather that “put me out there” on the internet.


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