Thing 19: Professional Development

I liked using WebJunction to see the things that are coming up– it sure beats going through my emails for the various blogs I follow, the emails from AASL and ALA and SLJ, Booklist, and what appears on LMNET and the YALSA listserv to Twitter chats, 1-hour webinars and everything else! It’s exhausting to try to keep track, so I’ve got the WebJunction added to my Symbaloo.

My favorites are the 1-hour webinars because while I may not give it my full attention when it’s happening (usually at 3pm), then I also have the link to go back and use it as a reference for titles, booklists, or programming ideas. Now that I’m a member of AASL, I’ve been using the eCollab to watch presentations, especially from the Connecticut conference for sessions I wasn’t able to attend. I found this immensely valuable because it’s when I have time to dedicate to it, not at a prescribed time and date. Over break I plan to watch a few of the complimentary webinars AASL sent out to celebrate library week, including one with Paige Jaeger!

I will however be involved in my first Twitter chat soon. I am an occasional user of Twitter, so I have to make an effort to learn and understand how it works and it’s value to me as professional development. To me, the information is so overwhelming! I will update my progress on this one.

I love taking web-based classes but sometimes it certainly doesn’t beat sitting in a room for a half day or full day to interact with peers face to face and with the materials in front of you. To me it’s a great filler when things get busy to get some PD without taking time away from work. I do submit them for credit on our online system and the district does grant me the credit, which I appreciate since there’s not always money to pay for sending us away or something in-house for a small department like ourselves. Anything that’s free is best, but I understand sometimes the need to pay. I haven’t paid for anything yet (even Blackboard courses during winter or summer months through Model Schools had been free in the past), but I fear that soon I’ll have to be dishing out some cash.


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