Thing 17: Coding

So because I don’t think I can embed the Scratch project on to WordPress, I embedded it on my wiki, so you can see it here. Be sure to click the right arrow to start the USA rocket ship moving as the earth moves around. As I put on my “instructions” and “other information” on the Scratch site, this is my first attempt and while it looks so elementary, I’m very proud of it. Not only did I create my own Sprite (USA rocket ship), I also changed backgrounds, moved some things, and added some text content.

I can see how coding really does force you in to a ‘if then, this’ mentality to help with better directions. I always think back to the steps of making a pb&j that you did in middle school or the projects when you worked with a partner in school blindfolded to direct them to do something. You truly learned that it’s not as easy as it looks, but when you DO get the hang of it, you feel like you can find the cure for cancer. I even added a second command that if you happened to click on the earth/sprite it would make a pop noise, just for added measure.

I know that our public library does teen sessions using Scratch, which is why I chose this as my coding option. It is not easy! But empowering. This could be a good collaborative lesson for no other reason that to teach collaboration, sharing, and process. Just like team-building retreats, this can be a powerful first step in getting everyone to help out and directed toward a vision. For true classroom application, I obviously think of visual design classes but also using it for mini-movies that are a little bit more involved than your average iMovie. In libraries, this is a true “makerspace”-like activity. It’s really about creativity and telling a story. And the fact that it’s shared and people can learn from your projects and you from there’s makes it more learning-centered. Why I chose a “space” theme, I have no idea. I saw the Earth sprite and thought I would go with it. But then again, why are there singing starfish?

This has been the single hardest Thing because it is out of many people’s comfort zone– well maybe I shouldn’t speak for everyone– so for me. But what a neat result.


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