Thing 16: You Pick

I dabbled with two different things, first I wanted to find an avatar. After visiting so many great sites, I really did want to find something that could become my “signature” avatar. For a while, I haven’t been able to find one on par with my Voki avatar in looking like me. Sadly, this avatar can’t be recreated/used for anything but Voki. Other avatar-creating sides like DoppelMe made awkward looking ones and the others were either for entertainment in creating manga-like characters or fun alien-like ones. But FINALLY, I found a site, that seemed to be interested in creating life-like avatars and I hit the jackpot! Take a look at my avatar! AliciaAvatar

I thought this was neat and I will definitely be using it when an avatar is needed. While it won’t replace a real picture of me when I think it’s necessary, it does help when creating a brand-like need, especially in the library field.

… After reading Polly’s comment about cropping, here is the original one from Voki that I like so much better (and clearly because I’m thinner!)MyAvatar


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