Thing 14: Social Reading & Book Stuff

This thing made me feel like I’m on top of my game professionally about book reading and social reading. For the most part I’m actually involved or knew enough about each of the topics listed though. I am a HEAVY user of Goodreads: I have my personal account and then I have PLCs for teachers that I moderate for our school using Goodreads, I’m a part of of some YA groups and then I facilitate our BOCES YA Book Group through one of them as well. I have a widget on a lot of different pages of our library website with lists including my current reads. I can’t recommend Goodreads any more because it’s a phenomenal resource. I’ve decided I’m launching the online Goodreads group for students at my high school for their summer reading, providing incentives to share and learn and talk instead of trying to launch mid-year right now. I’m excited about the prospects of using it with students in this way.

I was quite interested in the social reading aspect and plugged around on Medium. Some of the articles were so exciting but I guess I’m not one to read comments for articles I find on news websites, so why would I want to read comments about these articles? I guess when it comes to provocative stories/news/opinions, I only want to argue about it with one or two people who are close to me, not strangers.

I actually have been more proactive in sharing about Overdrive with students through BOCES. I guess I always feared that I wouldn’t know how to help, but since it’s really a feature they can only use at home or on their own devices, I’ve kind of tempered my fear with hey, if there’s something you need and you have a device, try this! I’m a Nook girl with an iPhone with a Nook app. I’ve just recently downloaded the Overdrive Media app to play with the audiobooks, but right now I’m having a bear of a time actually moving the audio on to the device I need. I’m a bit confused but will plug away.

When it comes to free books and ARCs, I’ve been a Netgalley user for quite a while. My only complaint is that some of the books I get, although ePUB, do not work well when reading on my Nook. There was one book that it took three swipes each page to get it move to the next page and with some, the font is tiny so I spend a moment adjusting the size for each page which is tiring, especially when I want to skim! I try very hard to connect my reviews to Netgalley from Goodreads so publishers will keep giving me the books. I’ve discovered some great ones before they were really being buzzed about.


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