Thing 13: Media Skills

Now I didn’t know where to go with Media Skills– I did Screenr and it turned out awesome last session when showing how to use the databases and catalog. I’m generally annoyed with animated GIFs, especially on Goodreads, so while I thought I wanted to go there– I didn’t. Then I realized I’m an obsessive pinner and I enjoy a good quote set on a beautiful and inspiring background as much as the next gal, so I set to creating my own. It was generally easy because I always feed my “quotes” on Goodreads from lines from books that touched/inspired/affected me, then I used both Quozio and LiveLuvCreate to make a few and then pinned them to my Quotes board. Can you tell which ones are from me? Exactly! They look so polished and perfect.

Last year I ran a month-long display of favorite quotes and asked students to submit them via a Google form and I had some of my favorites (there are many pins and display ideas that talk about first lines or last lines too). I figured this will give this display new life and create a contest where students submit their favorite book quotes in this format (and I can see this totally being used in classrooms). It really does make anyone stop and think about what they want to portray when they’ve got words. What more powerful? A black background and vivid and bold white print? A vintage photo with flowery font? You could have some great conversations about advertisements and how they affect consumers. So check out my Quotes board and tell me whether I’ve got a future at Bartlett’s!


2 thoughts on “Thing 13: Media Skills

  1. Your quotes board is great. Love your ideas for using the quotes and how they’re presented as discussion starters about advertising and presentation style. (and apologies for not catching up with your CoolTools posts sooner. Where is the time going???

    1. aabdul810 says:

      Ah, with so many participants it’s hard to keep up. I’m going to do better about reading and posting on others blogs.

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