Thing 11: Mapping & Geolocation

I’m pretty excited to be on the Track 2, which complicates things a bit more because now we’re getting in to some uncharted territory with some tools that I haven’t heard of or some challenges that aren’t easily said-and-done. I really want to embed (pun intended) these “things” into things I’m already working toward in the library or fun activities to make the library dynamic. So, I undertook the challenge of essentially a library scavenger hunt to highlight some things in the library or places on our website (especially because over the summer I did a QR for the library site and am now just starting to plaster it everywhere in the school to get kids to click!).

Once we return from break, I’ll be posting up these QR codes and putting out the questions to answer. I’ll have some kids test-run it and then will tweak it for our school’s freshman orientation done about a week before school starts. So until then, here’s the document with the questions, my to shorten the URL, and then the QR code itself. It took a bit of time and UNDERSTANDING why all of the steps are important. Much thanks to the Daring Librarian’s blog et al for helping me understanding “pretty QR codes” and the need for some of the steps. I was introduced to (I’ve always seen the shortened URLs but never visited the site), as well as Kaywa and other free QR code creators. QR Tour of the Library

…and this was all after I tried rather unsuccessfully to do a History Pin. I had a few ideas, namely because we have quite a few wonderfully descriptive and informational nonfiction books about the civil rights movement and thought to do one around seminal events. But, I just didn’t have the resources or drive to create it and thought I’d rather do more with QR codes since we’re starting to dive into that in the library.


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