Thing 10: Evernote for Productivity

So I’ve been exploring Evernote farther than I have in the past. For me, it keeps lists that I don’t have to remember where they are like things to bring camping, gift ideas for my kids, etc. But now I want to take it a step further. I have never used the camera features and even saw some ideas for Evernote food– keeping track of food and where I was eating it. It would have come in handy in Russia when I was snapping pictures of the whole fish I was fed for lunch or the beautiful borscht at a restaurant!

I like that I can take a picture of one of my “to do’s”… like organizing my closet after I’ve taken a picture of my messy one or the book I have to review and integrate it although I’m having trouble taking a picture and adding is as part of an original list versus creating its own list and I didn’t realize you can record into Evernote either! Like I mentioned, I’ve only used it to add/delete quickly or to keep a long-term list.

I discovered the note on Evernote’s website on Buffy Hamilton where she talked about teaching students to use Evernote for research purposes. Now, there are so many kinds of research helpers that I couldn’t imagine singling this one out to use exclusively but I want to pursue this in a “practice” form to see whether it could be useful for students. We’ll see where that goes, but I’ll certainly start using it more because of the different kinds medium to “take the notes”.


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