Thing 9: Database Uses

What a perfect opportunity at just the right time! Last Thursday our clerk, who’s Colombian, was translating to an ESL Spanish-speaking student who had to do an assignment about a political figure. Problem is, with low comprehension skills in reading English, it would be difficult to get the information he needed. So, I investigated and realized how useful the Gale Student Resources Databases and Biography in Context was for two things: first, the translation feature, that also allows students to print in the native language. But, also the listening feature where beginner English students can hear and read along with the English as they conduct research. The student was beyond excited and grateful and we worked with his regular-ed SS teacher to allow him an extra day to use the resources available. First to comprehend in Spanish then listen and read in English. 

From this discovery and research, I am now going to bring in a classes of ESL students to show them this feature as it can help with their research on many topics because of the broad reach of the Student Resources in Context database. The one beginner ESL teacher has already scheduled them for the coming weeks where I will both share our World Languages section (ESL beginner nonfiction/fiction, dual language books, and books in other languages as well as books with audio) and the databases to encourage better use. 

So, not only did I know they existed, I am going to start teaching this feature as well (who knows, I must just do a screencastr of it to and post it!)


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