Thing 10: Productivity

I’m going to explore Evernote more than I have– the reason is that I’m a list-maker but I really just add things and delete them from the same few lists and I don’t use more than that. I’ll send an update soon about how I’ve been incorporated it.

As an aside, my husband and I started using the app Avocado (he’s got an Android and I have an iPhone) to use for the texting feature, sharing photos, but also it’s cute because you can “kiss” and “hug” your significant other using a photo they upload, but the main reason are the LISTS! You can share lists between the two BUT they’re editable, changeable, and while you’re limited to five lists, our main stores that we purchase from for groceries and other miscellany don’t go over five. So, check it out, it’s pretty neat! 


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