Thing 8: Collaboration

I use many of the tools listed in a personal capacity but not in a professional one. One of the ones I did begin to use was Slideshare to put some of my Powerpoints on our library’s website so students can review key content. I am actually going to create another on the research process because I still have seniors sitting across from me saying they don’t know “how to research” so I was going to do a basic overview, which I want to share on the site.

I’m thinking I’m going to use Dropbox in a unique way… I got the idea from LM_NET for our bi-monthly newsletter about “catching someone reading”. I want to a  contest in the library for staff and students “catching someone reading” and be creative and inventive and they’ll use Dropbox to send the photo. I think this is a great way to teachers to get materials to review instead of everyone emailing and having to go email by email but once you open the Dropbox folder they’re all right there AND it teaches students how to properly save/name a document. I think it’s one of the first thing students DON’T learn. Everything is the default Doc1! Drives me mad.


One thought on “Thing 8: Collaboration

  1. I am soooo guilty of naming my own files things like “test” “test1” etc. Brilliant that you’re using Dropbox that way and instilling in them some good habits. You’ve inspired me to try and do better!

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