Thing 6: Curation Tools

Since I started using Pinterest during the last go-round for Things, I’m going to continue. The reason? I want to explore more than just the “for me” kind of pinning that I’ve been doing but what it can mean in education. I have a friend who is an art teacher and she recently starting using Pinterest and conducted one workshop with other teachers on using Pinterest in the art classroom and she showed me some craft-like ideas that she posted in Pinterest and I thought, I should be using it more than for staring at pretty things. I made the connection on one of the links under Pinterest where librarians are using it to share books, using the cover (which is so visual and oftentimes how we judge a book!) and then a short recommendation, review or comment. So simple, why didn’t I think of that?

So, I just POSTED my first pin– I’ve only re-pinned or liked others’ pins and added them to my boards but now I have dedicated a board to my recommended books. I’m actually going to combine a few of my tools and use the collage tools from our previous Thing and then use Pinterest to promote the books based on genre, theme. etc. I’m now an active Pinner instead of a passive one! C’mon and follow me on Pinterest!


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