Thing 5: Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools

When I was looking at the list of presentation tools, I realized I use and implement them on a regular basis and have taught students how to use them including Voki, Glogster and Prezi. I found that with Prezi, they only got better as I created and used them more. I actually created four prezi’s for last summer’s summer reading that embedded movie trailers, pictures, links, etc. and to my point, the first one was pretty disorganized or at least not really visually appealing, but then by the last one, it was really neat-looking to zoom in and out.

So, I was looking for something different and had seem someone present about Storybird recently. So, I got a log in and started playing around, got frustrated and realized that it’s “not really for me”. I accidentally deleted and rewrote over things, lost some text and then didn’t understand the menus. So, for now I’m not going back to that any time soon. Is the purpose simply just to create a book using pre-selected images and then creating text? I can see where this can apply and be useful, but really not to me. So, I’m certainly not disregarding this digital storytelling by any stretch.

Then, I tried Knovio and created an account though I wasn’t prepared to break out my webcam, so that’s on a shelf for now. Recording me in my “at home” fleece zip-up and pajama pants would not have been a good mood. Does the webcam pick up on smells too because my house smells like skunk 🙂

Then I settled on Xtranormal and created a punky little one minute presentation about my connection with The Big Read which left me no time to diligently follow the “things” from late October through November. What I liked about it: enough options but not overwhelming. What I disliked about it: when adding in motion, sounds, or movements for your character, it’s not really under “after” do you know what they are to select then I had to go back in and start adding retroactively. I would have liked to build it a little bit easier and dropping the cues for the character in between text is a little difficult especially because you can’t hit “enter” and create a new paragraph when writing out the text. So, here is my foray into Xtranormal!


2 thoughts on “Thing 5: Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools

  1. You’ve explored a lot of tools! Nice job with xtranormal. I think storybird might be fun for group writing. Pick a few related images and have the kids create the story as you go? It’s good as a story prompt.

    1. aabdul810 says:

      I guess I would have to explore what others are using it for in middle and high schools before I can really see a value for me. It’s neat, just not practical for my purposes.

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