Thing 4: Photo Editing Fun

How addicting! I just used PicMonkey’s photo collage tool and spent some time creating some collages– I love it and like Pinterest, need to watch the clock so I don’t spend hours! I’m already a scrapbooker so BELIEVE ME, I enjoy putting photos together and creating some lasting memories. A few years ago I created a movie for Father’s Day for my husband. Here’s a collage to share! (And the best part is, it’s not another website you have to log in to!) I just clicked the Create a Collage on the homepage and it allows you to open your pictures from your computer, change some simple backgrounds or layouts and minutes later, you have a finished collage to save! FirstCollage

The reason I didn’t want to pursue a place like Pinterest is after seeing Polly’s warning and always hearing the voice in my head that talks about people stealing pictures or losing content that was yours. I recently read an article about how online dating sites are abundant with scammers who use pictures stolen from others, especially military personnel, so I do worry about that.


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