Thing 2: Update on Tweeting and other online communities

After my first Thing 2 post that I’m tweeting, I kind of fell off the planet and that was because I was coordinating Albany’s The Big Read through the National Endowment for the Arts and one of the reasons I wanted to start tweeting. And weirdly, a few things happened that really give me some insight on online communities. First, for PR for The Big Read, a senior student in a theatre arts/communication program and I went in front of Albany’s Common Council. It just so happened that three Board members were there speaking to the Council for a different reason. Fast forward about a week after this student acted out a scene from The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien and I spoke about The Big Read, I was Googling “The Big Read Albany” to see what was on the web. I happened to find a tweet from one of the Board members about our student’s wonderful performance. Ahh, Twitter! I’ve been tweeting a bit but more reading the tweets. I don’t think I have much to offer in this sphere as a sharer/tweeter because I don’t have the time to invest in this technology as much as say, Facebook, but I appreciate it’s usefulness in quickly spreading the word about something (the most current example– Olympic Swimmer and NFL star calling two injured teens in the area after students/friends/family tweeted and retweeted the famous athletes’ attention to the matter).


The second online community I joined was a local online book group using Goodreads. Now, I already use Goodreads personally and have the app on all of my devices. I appreciated the ability to scan a barcode and add the book to my “to read” files but also to quickly look up a book I read eons ago but want to share. I enjoy Goodreads so much so that we use it for Capital Region BOCES to share the books the Young Adult Book Group I facilitate discusses so that others can check it out or contribute. Then for The Big Read, Albany Public Library said they would use their book for their online Goodreads group, so I hopped on the bandwagon and enjoyed the slower-paced conversations that unfolded over weeks instead of one hour-long meeting face-to-face. I will definitely keep up with it.


I can’t say much for Facebook since I’ve been a member of the SLS Group on Facebook since the last Things class.  I follow the posts and kind of creep around on there to add comments. So, I guess I’m more socially connected online than I thought!


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