Thing 10

I’m all over the map on Thing 10 because I’ve used so many different kinds of sites for so many different things. I think I’m going to make a professional portfolio because I’ve used Weebly and actually quite recently. I’ve had many discussions with the English department at our school about summer reading and because I’d never used Weebly but many of our staff are using them (as a way to streamline the sites) for information purposes, I said we could put all of the summer reading information on a Weebly and distribute that way. Especially because I found a great example of one. So, I set out to learn about Weebly and then to create the summer reading. Check it out at This went out to all students and parents, I booktalked to classes, it’s on our library site and will be on the district site so that they can pick a book, get their assignment downloaded if they lost the original, and find general information about summer reading. And, the great thing is that it’ll be there and built to add to and alter for next year– no reinventing the wheel!

I have been encouraging teachers for years to create wikis for assignments and have successfully worked with many teachers to do this (and even integrating other technology into the wikis). A few examples (this one from this year) and a few from previous years including one for an AP/IB Biology class, one for an 12th grade English/ESL class, and even one for math three years ago.

I’m lucky (and unlucky enough) to be able to add and alter anything directly from Expressions Web to the library website for our school on the district page. I’ve learned a lot but as I tell our technology people, I only know what I know in order to do something, I certainly don’t know everything there is. I’ve asked for PD on this and usually it’s harder to get because most don’t know much more either and for me, it’s hard to learn from youtube tutorials and the like. But, I think I do pretty good and our instructional technologist commented at the beginning of the year that my page is probably the most updated! I’ve done everything from posting students’ work with their permission to resources and booktalks.

So when it comes to Thing 10, I’m confident that I’m on the ball with this one, so for a challenge and because I’ve never created anything more than a paper binder for my accomplishments, I’ll do a professional portfolio.


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