Thing 9

Oh I’m so happy that eBooks are on the agenda for the “Things!” I am obsessed with my Nook now. It all started last year when CapRegion BOCES purchased Nooks and offered to lend them out over the summer. I figured, why not? I thought I would hate it! Who doesn’t love the smell of a book, cracking the spine on a new book, touching the pages, feeling excited as you near the end (or sad!), and if you’re in a particularly bad book, skimming until it’s finally over! So, I took the Simple Touch home and was excited that the selection included trilogies, including The Hunger Games. Now, here’s where I’ll admit that I read the first one but didn’t continue and then I figured since it was on the Nook– then I was *ahem” hooked! I liked the idea of loading a series on the Nooks because my biggest aggravation is trying to get a series in the hand of a kid only to find all the book #1’s out and the rest sitting on the shelf or one in the series missing and waiting while I ILL or order it. That’s a great value to the digital eReaders. I liked with the Simple Touch that I could read it with ease outside in the summer and the portability of it. Though, I was very conscious of where it was at all times– with two little boys running around and my money on the line, I wasn’t about to let it get anywhere near them or anything else for fear of breaking something and having to replace it.

I had a few conversations about purchasing an eReader, especially for traveling, when half of my luggage is always books. I go overboard in case I don’t like a book and have the option of picking up another. I also liked that I didn’t have to BUY everything and could get books for free, because I’m certainly more a fan of a library versus a bookstore.

Then, surprise, for my birthday, my husband bought me a Nook Color. Color for ease of pictures books for my kids, reading magazines, and because there was a sale! Unfortunately, I didn’t jump right into it because I had so many paper books still lining my shelves that I had to read and I’d say that I’m still about half/half print and digital just because if the book’s on the shelf at my library, I’m not going to digitally wait or purchase it just to read it. But, I do enjoy having it as a travel companion and am spreading the love! I just purchased Nooks for our school library (those who already have them, please share your stories!) and for my mother.

The learning curve of downloading Adobe EPub and then side-loading the titles took some reading, but after a few downloads, it was easy as pie. I’ve recently purchased a cool-looking cover that looks like a bound book, I’ve purchased a card to be able to store music and files on it, I’ve downloaded some apps and conveniently downloaded the Netflix app and watched a movie while working out. Other than volume, there were no complaints!

I’m eager to unleash the Nooks into the Albany High School library. I’m proud of the selections made– between classics at a deep discount including ones on the readings lists, popular titles, and just plain ol’ GOOD books! One of the reasons I made it my goal this year to get some for the library was that an avid reader graduated last year and visited in October from college and I asked her about her reading. She said she reads everywhere and downloads them to her iPhone. I thought to myself, I’m not preparing them for the digital world of reading! I want to teach them how to download books, promote ebooks and ematerial, and I wasn’t doing that but will surely start. I’m eager to see what next year will bring with the Nooks as well as discovering more about my own.


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