Thing 7

Because I’ve heard a bit and stumbled upon some presentations using Slideshare, I want to know a bit more about it. I tend to use PPT as a way to share content but am expanding, yet I want more people to see them, use them and interact with them. So, I’d like to use it to post on the library’s website instead of just attaching the PPT. But, I want to see which one is easier to me, so I want to compare it to Scribd. But, as I was browsing the other tech tools, I’m feeling ambitious and (think?) I’ve been involved in using Stixy, but can’t remember, so again, I want to compare Popplet and Stixy and use that. Right now I can think of one great use to integrate with students to help them collaborate or me to collaborate with them for research ideas. Here’s my vow– I will look in to and probably integrate one of each one of these collaborative tools into my repertoire.


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