Thing 7- Stixy

Oh boy! This should be exciting! I’ve decided to give Stixy a test-run with a class. And to correct from my previous post, I’ve actually never used Stixy before! So, why would I choose to launch right in to using it- well because I’m nuts and like some of my best ideas though- they’re thought up at the last minute!

So, here’s how I plan to make this work. It’s a class of Explorations students (there are different career exploration classes that seniors can take that focus on a field  like medicine, engineering, etc.) and I’ve worked on a research paper with their seniors earlier in the year. There were a few problems that the teacher and I are going to try to fix for this simple research paper (focusing not on the research/information but rather the skills in researching and information-seeking). So, I’ve created a Stixy that I’ll invite these 15 students to join. There are four basic features, 1) to do 2) note 3) document and 4) photo. The neat thing about the to do is that you can set it so there are email reminders to the participants who share the Stixy at a certain interval. So, I’ve gone in and added a few of their deadlines. Then I’ve also linked the catalogs for easier searching and put up a document I use with students to help them focus a topic. I’m hoping to get them to all be part of this Stixy and even (but this is being hopeful rather than realistic) that they will post things they find as well. For now, it’s a way to deliver a bunch of content to them. After I see how this works we’ll increase the collaborative nature.

Tomorrow I’ll see them to “launch” it as well as remind them and target a few information-seeking strategies. Like I said, exciting scary!


2 thoughts on “Thing 7- Stixy

    1. aabdul810 says:

      Unfortunately with seniors and the end of the year, the project was a bit of a bust (as was the Stixy by default). I made it voluntary and had the students who were interested, sign up to receive the notifications. Only two students did. I’ll start off next year choosing a few classes to do this with and think it might be more successful.

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