Thing 6

The Productivity Tools thing encourages me as a professional in a field full of technology, organization, reading, etc. Why? Because some of the tools listed I already have integrated in to my life! After seeing someone at the Leadership Conference in Cornell during the tech smackdown talk about Evernote, I downloaded it on my computer, Nook and iPhone and reguarly use it to make lists, remember things, etc. I’ve yet to actually use it as a “note-taker” per se during meetings (because in the back of my mind a pen and paper don’t have a battery life!) but I feel I’m moving in that direction. The second tool I regularly use is Dropbox. This tool I found through my husband, who uses it with his family’s business. Finally I decided to teach my parents how to use it so that I didn’t have to wait months for pictures from events or when the kids visit, instead, they can just drop it in the Dropbox and I can copy or delete the pictures I do and don’t want. As with Evernote, I use Dropbox right now for one main purpose, and with Dropbox it’s sharing pictures.

I’m excited to start my foray in to Instapaper/Read it Later and explore my options with Evernote more deeply. I think I recently saw that there’s a feature that allows to you to “check off” to-do items, which will certainly save me a lot of post-its since I’m a list-maker! I’ll report back!


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