Thing 5- Pinterest

So I finally was graced with a Pinterest invite and joined, although was disappointed that like most tools or apps are integrated with Facebook. (As a side note, my favorite Friday morning activity, looking through the MSN Week in Pictures went to the dark side and the voting is now through Facebook, which many viewers weren’t happy about but they are loathe to change). So, okay, I’ll bite and integrate it using Facebook. Oh wait, I have to adopt the new Facebook Timeline too? C’mon really? Well if it’s inevitable, I’ll spend another 1/2 hour going through my non-live timeline to make it look presentable, then I can start to play with Pinterest. Well, one thing led to another and I’ve been unhappy with Internet Explorer lately, so I also switched my browser to Google Chrome too. Okay, now I should be okay.

I thought I’d be excited about Pinterest because I generally always rip out pages from the magazines I subscribe to to remember an idea, aspire to buy an outfit that looks half as good on that model, or ideas for home decorating so I just pinned something quick. And I guess I wasn’t surprised that about five minutes later, I received an email that three different people had either repinned or liked my pin. Wow, that was lightening fast.


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