Thing 5

I decided to stay away from the social bookmarking category since I’ve used delicious in the past and lo and behold stopped using delicious in the past. I don’t “find” websites and surf constantly to need to remember websites to visit later on. There are only a few sites I frequently visit or I have a feed on my Google page that brings in some of the content instead of going to find it. So, I’m excited to pick Pinterest to see what all the buzz is about (although mildly annoyed that the response email from “asking for an invite” was actually to be put on a waiting list– I almost wanted to forget it because to me it seems a bit pompous– either you’re available for new users or you’re not– don’t play hard to get!) and then I picked Flipboard because I’m a new iPhone user and I’m starting to enjoy playing with apps.

Forgive the pun, but I’ll keep you posted!


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