Thing 4: RSS Feeds

I have a love/hate relationship with RSS feeds. I’ve been introduced to them many times and I get all excited and plug ’em in to my iGoogle page and I visit each day religiously for news, quotes, email, etc. And then after a while, I start seeing the same things or uninteresting things, so I start visiting a few times a week instead of every day, and then I altogether stop unless I’m bored and surfing the net versus my “get on, get in, and be done” attitude when focused on checking mail and doing school work.

Part of that is my problem, when I start seeing the same things over and over again, I should change my feeds, delete some (which I have in the past), and save iGoogle as my homepage versus visiting it and forgetting about it. So, today I will do just that. I will re-invigorate my iGoogle page. I’ve already added some gadgets from websites I frequent, a few blogs that I’ve started to follow, and magazines that I read. It can only get better from here!


2 thoughts on “Thing 4: RSS Feeds

    1. aabdul810 says:

      I enjoy using it quite a bit. My favorite is seeing the National Geographic picture of the day, learning a bit about a piece of artwork and aggregating some blogs and quotes that I’m sick of getting emails about but can view on my own time– right from iGoogle.
      Thanks for asking!

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