Thing 3: Online Communities

Okay, so I’ve joined the the Facebook group, which was neat. I’ve only used Facebook actually for about a year– yes, really– even a younger person like myself and a librarian at that, I was reluctant to join Facebook. My excuses for not joining ranged from not wanting to be egotistical to not caring about what other people are doing or thinking or being afraid that the public-ness of being a public school employee would somehow be affected. Already you are spotted running in to a grocery store or at the mall, so now I’m going to jump in to social networking?

I can’t tell you how frightened I was to create one and now, a year later, I don’t know what the big deal was about. I don’t post status updates and I scan my news feed of friends, family, stores and shows I’ve liked, but there’s nothing earth-shattering about being on. To me it has just been another communication tool. Which is why I’m pursuing a Facebook page for our high school library, as another form of communication. There’s announcements, posters, lunch, word of mouth, and class visits, but there’s just something about adding Facebook to the mix that to me will bring in more “business”.


4 thoughts on “Thing 3: Online Communities

  1. Kelsey says:

    It is hard to shift my mindset to think about Facebook as a “business” tool, as opposed to a purely social outlet. I signed up for Facebook in college, the year it came out, so I still think of it in that environment. It’s been tricky with students who ask me if they can friend me on Facebook. I’ve been sticking to the rule that I will friend them once they’ve graduated and they are technically no longer my student. and it has been a nice way to keep up with some of my favorite library patrons after they leave. But I am still very wary as a “public figure” and like you I am cautious about what I post.

    I think starting a Facebook group or page is a great way to make that connection with your students without having to breech “friending” territory. Does your school block Facebook like ours does? I’m curious to hear about how this venture goes for you!

  2. Hi Alicia,

    Have you seen Amy Carpenter’s fb page for her school library? Polly mentioned it in the list of resources for Thing 3. I myself have been toying with the idea of a fb page for our school library. If you give it a shot during this online class, let us know how it goes!

    -Rebecca Ekstrom, AMS Library

  3. I’ve enjoyed the posts in our facebook group, particularly the recent ones on which schools allow access to all these tools. And I agree, it’s an interesting exercise to try to find the balance of personal and professional online. I do like that FB gives us some ways to connect with students, teachers & parents without sharing our personal pages with them. That said, I still try to remember – post nothing you wouldn’t want to see in the newspaper!! Which is of course an old-skool analogy from a baby-boomer! 🙂

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