Thing 2: Digital Storytelling

I took a digital storytelling class online over the summer, so have a little experience. I chose Voki to start because I had heard a lot about it but had never logged on to use it. This is a neat and VALUABLE tool! I can picture myself recording (much like a Voicethread) a book talk to post on the library’s website. I chose to forgo the recording for this initial one to play with the digital voices– I wish I had just recorded my own voice! I spent way to much time editing the Voki because I wanted to test the voices (it didn’t look like there was a “preview” button to hear them before selecting them– help me if there is!) plus, I was editing the words to help pronunciation (what’s done is done after seventeen changes to phonetically spell Siberia to have the girl pronounce it right) and editing the actual booktalk because as the digital voice read, it sometimes wasn’t easy to understand.

Can’t wait to explore another storytelling device!


One thought on “Thing 2: Digital Storytelling

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