Thing 2: Voki (Digital Storytelling)


2 thoughts on “Thing 2: Voki (Digital Storytelling)

  1. Niki Fillipone says:

    I enjoyed your storytelling post through Voki and think it is a neat tool that students will respond to (hopefully). Just wondering tho,.are your tech people involved in putting things on your school website or can you add something like this at will? We are in a small district (Hoosic Valley) and I’m not kidding when I say I’d need to put in a work-order to have my recycle bin emptied..or have a file deleted (usually left by a student on my desktop).

    Thanks for’ve done a lot of work and a great job with the course!

    1. aabdul810 says:

      I have control over the library website, so while the website doesn’t support some kinds of files or videos, it’s pretty good. I was able to post student-created book trailers for our Ellen Hopkins visit on the website without a problem.

      I’m glad you included your district, my niece and nephews are in your district!

      Why do you think they’re so strict about control? I’m sure they would trust your knowledge of technology! Maybe only have them put a link to a wiki that you have and that way you have total control of the content and it’s probably easier to add that working with software like Expressions Web to create/manage a website!

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