Thing 1: Blogging

A little about myself: Well, I have been working as a school librarian for five years in an urban high school where the most enjoyable part of my day is book-talking, which is why this ol’ blog was about books! I wanted to take part in this opportunity first because it was FREE (which is hard to find) and because it’s self-paced. I took an online course over the summer and liked that while the course was six weeks long, that within those six weeks there was plenty of flexibility in completing the tasks. This particular opportunity is also wonderful because it allows me to revisit old tech tools and learn about new ones– it’s tough to keep pace! I want to be able to incorporate at least one new technology into my daily library activities and share another with a teacher.


2 thoughts on “Thing 1: Blogging

  1. Kelsey says:

    I love the blog Alicia! I see you’ve been doing this for a while! I love how you organize your posts by tagging the authors. Reminds me of the Reading Rants blog except she uses tags to create themed lists. How do you share this blog with your students? Do have the ability to comment or is this more for your own organizational purposes?

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