Electricity Will Do It

Although I would never want the power out for very long (heat, the food in the refrigerator, etc), it was nice because I got to sit down and READ most of the day. So, here are the books I read during the “Ice Storm of 2008.” Alex Flinn’s Nothing to Lose was a bit disappointing because it was so predictable. Boy leaves home, reader finds out that a murder took place in the home, and the whodunit begins. Was it the mother who was physically abused by her husband or was it the step-son who couldn’t stand to see his mother beaten one more time? That part was the bland part, it was actually more exciting to read the parts about his adventures as a carnie after he left home!

The second book was a spooky ghost story called Spirit by J.P. Hightman. Although the undertones of the book are about the Salem Witch Trials, the focus really deals with the main characters’ fight against the dead, who have unfinished business. It’s definitely something to be experienced.

The next was Elephant Run, which is another book by Roland Smith, who I’ve come to enjoy recently (after reading Peak).  It is a little bit of a carbon copy when it comes to the relationships in the book, specifically father and son, to his other, yet it’s such a completely different adventure that it’s intriguing. But, maybe it’s also because one of my favorite animals is an elephant?


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