A New Season

With a few book clubs and courses I’m taking, I’ve been trying to read as much as I can, yet I can’t find the time to actually post. So, I’ll make this quick and try my best to keep up. I just finished Flight, a new one by Sherman Alexie. I have to admit, I was a little thrown with the back to the future chapters, but it all wrapped itself nicely into a pleasant package by the end. The swearing will definitely keep the guys’ attention, but will the subject matter and flashbacks keep them reading? The second book, that I had to lend out immediately, was Such a Pretty Girl by Weiss. I had started this one on audio about a year ago and stopped it pretty soon into it because the narrator was awful, but then I picked up the book and was enthralled. Chirp is a strong character, who sacrifices a lot because her mother is so short-sighted and her father is such a pervert. I was frustrated most of the book for good cause, Weiss does an excellent job of making the readers’ skin crawl whenever her father walks into a room.


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