It’s About Time!

Again, I’m such a bad librarian. (Yes, I have been reading, but no, I haven’t been posting). So again, I’m just going to rattle off some of my new favorites, just because we got some new books in the library and I had the rest of the summer to catch up on books from the public library.

The Gossip According to Larry by Tashjian is a humorous story, not a new story, but nonetheless entertaining. Raging against the corporate machine (of which his father is part of), Larry creates an online alter ego that is an instant global hit, so until he’s found out, he’s going to have a lot of fun. And, so is the reader!

Into the Wild by Krakauer was a departure from the norm. I rarely read nonfiction, but this was on a required reading list for our school’s English department. Plus, I had heard a lot of praise for it. Let me tell you, it’s like Gary Paulsen on steroids about the true story of Chris McCandless’ “walk on the wild side” that leaves him dead in the Alaskan wilderness. Totally check it out!

Last for this entry is Right Behind You by Giles. I’m becoming a fast fan of Gail Giles after picking up Shattering Glass, with the explosive ending. Right Behind You is another poignant story of moving on and forward in a life that has been marred by violence and destruction. Definitely a story with many layers that you can easily peel back to understand what’s going on on as many layers as you’d like to read into.


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