The Next Installment

So the reading continued… but I won’t drone on. Quickly we’ll discuss Maureen Johnson’s Devilish. I’ve had it recommended, so I picked it up. Honestly, I could take it or leave it, maybe because I’m totally totally sold on a chick-lit-y type of book, yet there was enough mystery, Satanism, and deception to keep me interested.

We can now move on to one of my new favorite authors, Joan Bauer. How cool is she? I just picked up Rules of the Road, and here I must discuss how I keep track of all my reading, with sheets on each one that include title, author, cover art, commentary, excerpts, and a review. So, whenever I read Joan Bauer’s stuff, there are always TONS of excerpts because her characters and commentary are just so… INSPIRING and THOUGHTFUL. I adore her characters, I love their insight, I love their joi de vive (did I say that right?). Pick her stuff up!

 I now want to discuss Ann Rinaldi, who we all know is a favorite of mine and she pulled out some good stuff for The Ever-After Bird. I would definitely add this to our library’s collection (and my own personal) because it was not only developed and thoughtful, but sweet, scary, and everything in between. She had wonderful characters, CeCe, Earline, and Uncle Alex who worked well together to weave a story of slave life on southern plantations while they waited for their “ever-after bird.” Give it a try.

 And last, for a fun and quick read, pick up Gary Paulsen’s Lawn Boy. Paulsen always has such great humor (read: Harris and Me was so funny that I was laughing until I cried!) that it was just simple entertainment– and informative– who knew that economics could be funny and interesting!


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