Seeing Sequels

There’s nothing better than enjoying a good book, but there’s nothing better than that than discovering that the author wrote a sequel and it’s just as juicy. Alane Ferguson’s The Christopher Killer and The Angel of Death were great… I have to admit I actually read the sequel first, but that just goes to show that if the character is worth it, then it’s worth going back. I enjoy Cameryn as a character, she’s a super-sleuth and not only did I enjoy her, I enjoyed the forensics involved in solving the mysteries and crimes. Next, I have to mention, it was the best recommendation yet from my colleague who got me hooked! Enter Melissa De La Cruz’s Blue Bloods series (Masquerade being the second book). Like one of my students said about Twilight, those are sparkly vampires, then I replied, yeah, well, the Blue Bloods vampires are sexy vampires. Read it and see if you agree. I’ll say no more. And last, I read (again in reverse order) Fighting Ruben Wolfe and its sequel, Getting the Girl by Markus Zusak. I could give or take them, but they have value especially in respecting family and family ties, especially that of brotherhood. Think The Fight Club meets family dysfunction.


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